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Mei Terumi

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1default Mei Terumi on Вто Сеп 28, 2010 9:03 am

Мей Теруми

Мъглив шиноби
Мъглив шиноби
Godaime Mizukage; Literally meaning "Fifth Water Shadow")[1] of Kirigakure. She became Mizukage in recent years, after the dreadful reign of Yagura ended.

Contents [show]
1 Appearance
2 Personality
3 Abilities
3.1 Elemental Techniques
4 Part II
4.1 Five Kage Summit Arc
4.2 Confining the Jinchūriki Arc
5 Trivia
7 References

edit Appearance Mei is a slender, attractive woman in her thirties. She has ankle-length, auburn hair styled into a herringbone pattern at the back, a top-knot tied with a dark-blue band, and with four bangs at the front. Two bangs are short, with one covering her right eye, and two are long, crossing each other on her chest, just below her chin. Her eyes are light green.

She dresses in a long-sleeved dark-blue dress, that falls just below the knees. It seems to be closed at the front with a zip and is kept open on the front-right side from the waist down. The dress only covers up to the upper part of her upper arms and the underside of her breasts. Underneath, she wears a mesh shirt that covers more of her upper body than her dress, but stops short of covering her shoulders and still leaves a sizable cleavage. She also wears shorts in the same color as dress and, underneath those, mesh leggings reaching down over her knees. Around her waist, she wears a belt with a pouch attached to the back on the left.

Furthermore, she wears high-heeled sandals and shin-guards reaching up over her knees. She also wears dark nail polish and is usually shown with dark-blue lipstick.

edit Personality Mei is a cheerful person who is almost always smiling regardless of what she is saying, such as when promising to kill someone. She is, however, usually kind, speaking well of others and attempting to avoid conflict. Mei proved to be more open-minded than the other Kage, as she had shown respect and was willing to listen to the Gaara; even at one point defending him from the Tsuchikage's disrespectful behavior. Mei also can be very flirtatious, as she considers Sasuke and all other male Uchiha to be very good looking. She expressed regret that she must kill someone as handsome as Sasuke, but would give him a kiss before that.

She seems to be somewhat self-conscious when it comes to her love life, as shown when she misheard Ao say that she was "past marriageable age", and threatened to kill him for such an "insult". This seems to be a running gag, as she has made similar mistakes on multiple occasions. She also seemed to be a little disturbed when Karin called her an "old hag", and beat up Ao while Fū possessed his body and insulted her.

edit Abilities Mei Terumi is a powerful kunoichi from Kirigakure, her abilities and leadership earned her the title of Mizukage. She demonstrates the ability to be calm in battle. After Zetsu transferred her chakra into Sasuke, she didn't show any signs of weakness or fatigue. She is observant and can pick up on slight discrepancies in another's personality.

[edit] Elemental Techniques Mei is capable of using the earth, fire, and water natures, and has two kekkei genkai.[2] The first, by fusing earth and fire elements, allows her to use lava release ninjutsu, such as spitting out lava. The second, by fusing water and fire elements, allows her to use boil release ninjutsu, such as releasing a corrosive mist that can burn away anything it touches. It even managed to burn through Sasuke's Susanoo. She has suggested she has the ability to alter the potency and acidity of the mist created by her boil release techniques and she is apparently not affected by the mist herself.

edit Part II [edit] Five Kage Summit Arc When Mei leaves for the Kage Summit, the villagers of Kirigakure cheer for her. One of her bodyguards, Chōjūrō, expresses worry that he will not be able to protect her, so Mei cheers him up by expressing confidence in his abilities.[3] She continues to speak kindly to Chōjūrō during their journey to the Land of Iron. Similarly, whenever Ao, her other bodyguard, tries to scold Chōjūrō for not acting like a man, Mei threatens to kill him.[4]

The Five Kage Meeting.
Added by FF-SuzakuWhen the Summit begins and the Fourth Raikage explains his suspicions of the other Kage, he states Mei and the rest of her village to be the least trustworthy; as the Summit is being held to discuss Akatsuki, and Akatsuki is rumored to have been created in Kirigakure, the village's actions make it suspect. Over Ao's objections, Mei admits that many in Kirigakure believe her predecessor to have been manipulated by someone. When Madara Uchiha's involvement with Akatsuki is brought to light, the Summit mediator, Mifune, suggests forming an alliance to be headed by Danzō Shimura. Although Mei does not object, Mifune explains that Akatsuki's supposed ties with Kirigakure leave her unsuited to lead a taskforce meant to eliminate the organization.

Ao soon afterwards exposes that Danzō is manipulating Mifune. Before he can be questioned about it, Zetsu infiltrates the meeting and informs them of Sasuke Uchiha's presence. The Raikage breaks his neck while trying to learn Sasuke's whereabouts, prompting Mei to scold him for killing a potential information source. Mei and her escorts remain in the Summit room while the Raikage and Fifth Kazekage go to deal with Sasuke. Believing Danzō's mind-controlling Dōjutsu may somehow be related to the manipulation of the Fourth Mizukage, she instructs Ao to not let Danzō out of his sight.

Mei trapped by Zetsu's spore.
Added by Blaublau94Sasuke soon arrives in the Summit hall to kill Danzō. Danzō flees and Sasuke tries to follow him, but Mei uses her lava release to block his path. She advises that the Third Tsuchikage get out of the way if he will not participate in the battle and attacks Sasuke again. Chōjūrō forces Sasuke into an adjacent hall, where Mei seals him in with her, intending to destroy him by filling the hall with her boil release. She is caught in Zetsu's Spore Technique before she can finish him, which transfers her chakra to Sasuke. As he breaks back into the Summit hall, Mei neutralizes her boil release so that it doesn't harm anyone else. She returns to the hall once she has recovered and, finding Madara Uchiha, is told about his Eye of the Moon Plan. As he ends his explanation by requesting the Kage give him Naruto and Killer Bee, Mei and the other Kage refuse, causing Madara to declare the start of the Fourth Great Shinobi World War.

With the outbreak of war, Mei and the other Kage agree to form a Shinobi Alliance to be led by the Raikage. Mei argues that Naruto and Bee should be protected from Akatsuki, which the other Kage agree to before returning home. Mei and Chōjūrō take a detour to look for Ao, who had followed Danzō. They find him in time to stop him from decapitating himself. He explains that his body was being controlled by another ninja and asks that Mei remove the seal protecting his Byakugan. Since Ao would never ask her to do so, Mei knows his body is still being controlled and she asks to borrow Chōjūrō's Hiramekarei. Ao calls her a hag before she can use it on him and she beats him up, unaware that he has finally been released.

[edit] Confining the Jinchūriki Arc When they return to Kirigakure they hear that the daimyo have approved the formation of the Shinobi Alliance. A few days later the Kage convene again to discuss war tactics, Ao accompanying Mei once again. Mei expresses relief to have Tsunade as Hokage again. She then suggests the villages combine their intelligence networks in an effort to locate Akatsuki's base of operations.

edit Trivia Both Mei and Tsunade, the only two known female Kage, are also the fifth Kage of their respective hidden villages.
Mei as the Mizukage is perhaps a sign of change in Kirigakure; ninja with Kekkei Genkai were once feared and persecuted in this village.
The kanji for "Terumī" mean "shining beauty". However, they are usually pronounced with a lengthened "I" sound. This, together with the fact that the furigana are written in katakana, suggests that her name is meant to invoke a different meaning.
edit Quotes "Sir ... I swear on my name as Mizukage that I will fulfill my duty."
(To Chōjūrō) "Have faith in yourself. You're strong."
(To Ao while smiling) "Shut up or I'll kill you."
(To Ao) "The Fourth Mizukage's nightmare is long over ... quit talking about the old days."
(To Ōnoki) "Tsuchikage-sama, please move away if you aren't going to fight."
(When about to kill Sasuke) "It always hurts my heart to melt a good-looking guy... But you're going to have to die."
(To Madara about his Eye of the Moon Plan) "What does that hold for us!? There's no hopes or dreams! It's just an escape!"

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